Pierre the Pelicans’ mascot saves Twitter, haunts dreams.

By David Searle (@DaveSearle)

Live tweeting Pacers games is the best. Ian Mahinmi makes a huge block? Roll out the “Smothered Chicken” jokes. Lance Stephenson goes coast-to-coast? Roll out the “Forrest Gump” jokes. George Hill hits a dagger three? BOOOOOOOOOM!!!! If the team is playing poorly, Twitter can spark some interesting discussions about why. We put on our smart person glasses and get down and dirty about the effectiveness of doubling big men in the post.

But once in a blue moon, live tweeting can be… boring. When the Pacers are losing out of tiredness – a simple lack of energy – Twitter can be a drag, too. There simply isn’t a fun way to say “Take a nap, bros!”

Last night against the Pellies, sleepiness reared its ugly head. The Pacers were pooped, and Twitter got boring. It looked like a long day behind the keyboard.

But then, a miracle happened. An unknown came out of nowhere, stepped into the spotlight and shined like a crazy, butt ugly diamond. The meme of our dreams haunted our nightmares. Halloween officially started in the second quarter when the scariest costume of All Hallow’s Eve made its terrifying debut:



Photo via @NBAPelicans, Twitter

All of a sudden, Twitter got a second wind. The Jokes! The Snark! The Horror!

The creative juices started flying, and it was off to the races. Thank you, shitty NOLA marketing team full of childhood-hating fear-mongering, blind, tacky monsters! You made our night.

Here are the best tweets mocking the French Feathered one:

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